Down East Radio Reading Service, Inc. Post Office Box 8706 Rocky Mount, NC 27804  

Phone: 252.443.7551


A special receiver is necessary to hear the broadcasts of the reading service. DERRS' programming cannot be heard on ordinary radios.

Receivers are manufactured specifically for DERRS and are unavailable for purchase on the open market.  The reading service owns all of its receivers and makes them available to eligible print-impaired listeners at no cost to the listener.  Receivers are on permanent loan until the listener no longer has need for the unit, at which time it must be returned to the service for redistribution.

A receiver application may be downloaded directly from this site or an application may be requested by phone at 252-443-7551.  Upon receipt of a receiver application, a committee will review the application to ascertain that the applicant qualifies.  The approved applicant will be so notified and the receiver delivered and placed by a DERRS volunteer.

Receiver Application
(pdf: 19kb)

NC Library for the Blind & Handicapped

North Carolina Division of Services for the Blind

The Governor Morehead School

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